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Fast Pace Health strives to provide a best in class patient experience in every interaction. We are seeking a highly-skilled, experienced Nurse to join our growing team. Our ideal candidate will be deeply committed to nurturing our Fast Pace mission of teamwork, communication, empowerment and quality care in a friendly and encouraging environment.

Fast Pace Health aims to push for a new vision of healthcare in rural communities that will consist of an array of different services. We are changing the delivery of healthcare in these rural areas by integrating excellent patient care, education, accessibility, and community service, in a way that puts the patient’s needs first and improves the health status of our communities.

Below, we have provided a high level view of what the role entails, with the complete job description discussed in detail during our interviewing process.


Primary Care Essential:

  1. Responsible for educating and counseling patients and patient’s families on diagnosis and treatments
  1. Ensure proper follow up with patients and maintain a problem list to keep in patient file.
  1. Work closely with Primary Care Provider in coordinating and obtaining needed services for patients and families.
  1. Assist Provider in treatment orders and procedures.
  2. Coordinate callbacks and referrals acting as an advocate for patients and their families.
  3. Guide patients to make informed decisions about their care.


Essential Functions:

  1. Ability to fulfill all responsibilities of the Patient Care Specialist position as detailed in the specific Patient Care Specialist job description.
  2. The ability to maintain friendly, cordial relations with all employees, build and maintain confidence and credibility with all employees.
  3. Deliver clinical and administrative support for the team and adhere to all policies and procedures of the company.
  4. Ability to adhere to the Core Values of the Company, of teamwork, communication, empowerment, quality of care, and friendliness.
  5. Ensure that the activities of the Nurse are conducted in a manner that is consistent with overall department expectations and are in compliance with Federal and State regulations, guidelines, and requirements including working knowledge of all health information management issues such as HIPPA.
  6. Prepare exam and treatment rooms for patient intake.
  7. Triage patients by checking vitals, performing blood draws and giving injections, etc.
  8. Observe patients, charting, reporting changes in patients’ conditions, such as adverse reactions to medication or treatment and taking any necessary action.
  9. Assist with lab testing and phlebotomy.
  10. Assist providers in preparing for minor procedures and physicals.
  11. Prepare and maintain supplies and equipment for treatment.
  12. Assist patients utilizing a Virtual Medicine Provider.
  13. Ensure accurate completion of patient charts in a timely matter and forwarding charts as appropriate on a daily basis.
  14. Arrange referrals to a specialist and obtaining pre-authorizations when directed by the Provider.
  1. The ability to maintain friendly, cordial relations with all clients and employees; maintain a positive work atmosphere by acting and communicating in a manner that results in a positive work relationship with customers, co-workers and managers.
  2. Perform federal and non-federal DOT, BAT and Drug Screen exams.
  3. The ability to perform the physical, use of senses, cognitive, and environmental functions of the position, as specified on the physical demands.
  4. Ability to comply with Company standards of operations.
  5. Ability to adhere to the Core Values of the Company, of teamwork, communication, empowerment, quality of care, and friendliness.
  6. The ability to promote and maintain a respectful culture of employee, employer and business confidentiality.
  7. Responsible for learning the aspects of compliance in the company by completing all mandatory compliance training.
  8. Ability to maintain the overall cleanliness of the office as needed to support the team and clinic environment, which may include, but not be limited to, taking out garbage, organization and cleanliness of desk, patient and office space and assistance with other team members to achieve a strong professional appearance for our employees, patients and visitors.
  9. Perform other duties as assigned by management.



  1. Assist with clerical work such as checking in patients, obtaining and recording demographic, insurance and financial information, with strong attention to detail and in a manner that is professional and caring to our patients.
  2. Verify insurance eligibility and relay relevant information on payment policies and billing/collection processes.
  3. Work as part of the overall team by answering telephone, taking messages and returning voicemails in a friendly and professional manner
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